We believe that reliable, real-time, highly contextualized decision data will define the future of sustainable development.

Here's how we're laying the groundwork for that future.




Data, Reimagined

Denominator is an evolution of multiple data-centric endeavors by people with diverse backgrounds and interests, from computer science to vaccines to climate. At our core is a shared passion for improving the ways by which we contextualize and use data for development.

Despite huge advances in data acquisition methods, from satellite population scans to Internet-enabled device monitoring, much work must still be done to understand the common threads shared by these and many other data sources – the “backdrop” against which we process information.

The projects we undertake are explorations meant to help us consolidate the great strides made in data for development over the past decade. Through these explorations, we will develop and advocate for best practices that establish the common truths upon which data must be assessed.

The denominator.

The real challenge now lies in finding the right kinds of technologies and innovations to connect absolutely everyone, from remote villages to urban slums across the poorest parts of Africa and Asia.
Succeed in that and we could help save millions of lives.

— Seth Berkley, CEO / Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Separate signal from noise.


Tech innovation is a crowded space. As new ideas emerge, decision-makers have to commit limited resources to exploring and applying those ideas strategically.

Denominator helps governments and NGOs navigate the landscape to understand how groundbreaking technologies such as blockchain, AI, and the Internet of Things can best work together to address specific development objectives.



Leave no stone unturned.


The best innovations stand up to the toughest real-world challenges. To test this, countries rely on well-designed implementations that speak to sustainability and scale.

Our field projects are conducted in direct partnership with country stakeholders to test innovations with academic rigor - ensuring accountability for results, and building the evidence base needed for development actors to invest responsibly and confidently.



Forge the path forward, together.


In development, no country is an island. Lessons learned from Denominator projects are published broadly to help advance discourse and partnership. Technology developed in-house and with our strategic partners is shared freely in the spirit of open access and transparency.


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